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AiP is picking up the pace! As our hands-on experiential travel becomes more popular, we have new projects, new partners and initiatives to keep you excited and involved.

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Fundraising items for Armenia phase 2


Buy a can of paint



Buy a board

Your name will be inscribed on the back of the board. This is an ideal gift for the preservation minded person in your life.



Set of Tools

Includes hammer, scraper, screwdriver, paint brush.



Sponsor a local volunteer for a day

Covers labor and lunch. Receive photo of volunteer on site.



Repair / replacement a post



Machinery rental for 1 day



Photo of completed project signed by all volunteers



Name on permanent plaque at site


Friends of AiP Scholarship Fund

Urgent preservation threats are addressed each year by our dynamic volunteers, know as jammers. AiP’s need for jammers continues to increase and interest is building around the world. Many people would like to participate, but let us know that the project fee is beyond their means. 

We would like everyone wanting to attend a project to have that opportunity!

Your donation will help sustain the Friends’ of AiP Scholarship Fund and provide support allowing everyone – regardless of their financial status – to have the adventure of a lifetime.

Help us to reach our goal of ensuring assistance to all who want to get hands-on and contribute to valuable building conservation efforts. You will ensure a brighter future for students, young professionals and other volunteers who benefit from this scholarship program.

Your donation may be directed to a specific person, if you’d like to help a friend or family member join an adventure. Contact AiP after making your donation.

Donate today to impact a jammer and the community where they will work.

Student Opportunities

AiP now provides two new options for student involvement at our hands-on building conservation projects. You’ll learn new skills as you provide community service.


1. Certificate of Completion

Earn a Certificate of Completion to supplement an internship or independent study and to enhance your resume.

Requirement is completion of 30 hours of hands-on conservation during any weeklong AiP session.

Available for both students and professionals.


2. Internship

One internship is available at each hands-on project session. In 2019, available internships include:

  • Gyumri, Armenia – 2 interns: one for May session, 1 for August session

  • Fairfield Plantation, Virginia – 2 interns: one for June session, 1 for August session

  • Bannack, Montana – 1 intern

  • Dunans Bridge, Scotland – 1 intern

Deliverables from Intern:

  • 30 hours of hands-on conservation per week on site

  • Blog post sharing onsite experience

  • Work remotely with AiP for 3 additional weeks in areas such as social media, grant writing/research, website needs, fundraising.

Check back for new internship positions as additional projects are finalized.