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Francis Mill restoration volunteer

Jerry Donahoe
Jerry's adventure in preservation resulted in strong connections within his adopted community and beyond.
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Searching for an experience that combines exciting travel opportunities with learning new skills AND supporting a community initiative? Look no further! Our heritage preservation volunteer projects offer you a compelling combination of travel, education and adventure, topped with a healthy dose of cultural and architectural heritage conservation. Come, get your hands on history with Adventures in Preservation.

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building conservation and heritage preservation volunteer in Kosovo and the Balkans

Join this Adventure and be a heritage preservation volunteer

building conservation and heritage preservation volunteer in Armenia

Be a heritage conservation volunteer in Armenia

archaeology field work and heritage preservation volunteer Virginia USA

Traditional Upholstery Course France

Snap! You missed this one.
Details for 2017 will be posted soon.



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More Upcoming Projects

Adventures in Preservation has more building conservation training opportunities in the works. Check our Developing Projects page to learn about heritage conservation projects under development in Accra, Ghana, and Shreveport, Louisiana. They’ll need jammers too!