Stunning example of Albania’s architectural heritage, Gjirokastra

Education Portal – Gjirokastra, Albania

Albania’s architectural heritage is a mystery to most of us. These educational materials will give you an entrance into this intriguing topic. Combine a hands-on session in Gjirokastra’s Ottoman-era World Heritage City with a study of these materials to design an internship or boost your resume. Our current studies focus on the Skenduli house, one of approximately 350 tower houses remaining – many in dire need of maintenance and preservation.

From serious scholars to interested travelers, this collection of materials offers a valuable education for all.



General Information


Albanian Ottoman architecture

Conservation Issues

Conservation in Gjirokastra

  • Gani Strazimiri, “Gjirokastra dhe e saj kulturale” (Gjirokastra and its cultural value). In: Monumentet, 2, 1971, p. 85-102 [Albanian with French summary].
  • Ilia Papanikolla, “Masat kundër lagështirës në banesën gjirokastrite” (Measures against humidity in buildings of Gjirokastra). In: Monumentet, 2, 1971, p. 103-118 [Albanian w. French summary].
  • Thanas Kamberi, “Disa të dhëna mbi teknikën e ndërtimit të banesës Gjirokastrite” (About the construction techniques of houses of Gjirokastra). In: Monumentet, 2, 1971, p. 157-163 [Albanian with French summary].
  • Leonard Suli, “Studim për restaurimin e banesës së Kabilajve në qytetin e Gjirokastrës” (Study of the restauration of the Kabilaj house in the town of Gjirokastra). In: Monumentet, 12, 1976, p. 107-132 [Albanian with French summary].
  • Emin Riza, “Arkitektura dhe restaurimi i banesës së Zekateve – Gjirokastër” (Architecture and restoration of the Zekate house of Gjirokastra). In: Monumentet, 13, 1977, p. 107-132 [Albanian with French summary].
  • Fatbardha Shkupi, “Zbukurimorja e disa banesave gjirokastrite” (Ornamental decor of some houses of Gjirokastra). In: Monumentet, 32, 1986, p. 99-115 [Albanian with French summary].
  • Gilkes, Oliver, “Letter from Albania: Saving the Silver City. The effort to preserve Albania’s little known treasure”. In: Achaeology, vol. 62/3, May/June 2009, p. 49-54.

Conservation in the Eastern Mediterranean

  • Conservation and the Eastern Mediterranean. Contributions to the Istanbul Congress, 20-24 September 2010. Edited by Christina Rozeik, Roy Ashok, David Saunders. London: International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works 2010.


Conservation of wall paintings

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