greenhouse conservation work at the Burgie Estate, Moray Scotland

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Very few Edwardian greenhouses remain standing and even fewer remain unaltered with original systems in place. AiP is partnering with the owner of the Burgie greenhouse to take on greenhouse conservation of this historic “glasshouse”.

These articles introduce you to this now rare structure and provide background information on greenhouses and glasshouses.


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Construction, Alterations, Rebuilding, Architects Involved
Dates of events following the construction of Burgie House in 1802, such as alterations, rebuilding, etc., and architects involved are listed here (among other important information):

Burgie Greenhouse (1912)
For the architect of the Burgie greenhouse, George James Walker of Aberdeen (1837/38-1914), see here:



Conservation of Greenhouses

Conservation of Building Materials Specifically Used in Greenhouses

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