Tour Armenia’s Heritage – Tangible & Intangible


  1. Monastery Tour

Duration: 4-day tour; cost USD50

Duration: 2-day customized tour; cost USD250

Explore monasteries dating from the 4th to 11th centuries. Visit the center of Armenian religion, Echmiadzin, as well as UNESCO world heritage sights such as Garni pagan temple and Geghard monastery. These remarkable architectural sites reveal the source of many of Armenia’s valued traditions.


  1. Culinary Tour

Duration: 2-day tour; cost USD25

Savor delicious food and drink in Gyumri and the surrounding villages. Join a family to prepare a traditional meal; learn about ingredients and join the family to eat what you prepare. Enjoy this personal experience.


  1. Dance, Music & Art of Shirak Region

Duration: 2-day tour; cost USD30

Small groups will receive a VIP experience meeting artists from the Shirak region. Enjoy delicious meals as you watch private performances.


  1. Spiritual Pilgrimage

Duration: 3-day walking tour; cost USD5

Duration: 2-day walking or driving tour; cost USD250

Hundreds of carved cross stones are scattered across Armenia, with many found in rural villages and strikingly beautiful locations throughout the mountains. One option is to drive to accessible sites. The recommended approach is a pilgrimage on foot to remarkable village and mountain locations. This pilgrimage is Armenia’s version of the Camino de Santiago.


  1. Cheese, Bread & Wine of Shirak Region

Duration: 2-day tour; cost USD25

Tour the villages of Shirak and enjoy the variety of cheeses and wine. Learn the valued tradition of bread making, and experience lavash with your favorite cheese and wine.


  1. G. I. Gurdjieff Pilgrimage

Duration: 4-day tour; cost USD500

Duration: 2-day tour, cost USD250

I. Gurdjieff, of Greek and Armenian parentage, was born c. 1872 and grew up in the volatile Caucasus region located between Christian Orthodox Russia and Islamic Turkey, Iraq, and Persia. Dissatisfied with the answers of contemporary religion and science, Gurdjieff intuited that the wisdom of ancient civilizations held the key. He journeyed to many remote areas – including Egypt, Tibet, Mesopotamia, Kurdistan – and reformulated a practical and powerful teaching for modern mentality, called The Fourth Way.

Visit the source of his teachings on the harmonious development of mankind. This pilgrimage is based on Armenian locations mentioned in his books.


  1. Guided Photography Tour

Duration: 4-day tour; cost USD50

Duration: 2-day tour; cost USD250

Travel with Armen Hovsepyan, one of Armenia’s most knowledgeable photographers, and transform from a traveler to a traveling photographer. Visit a variety of sites from architectural to natural, meeting Armenians from around the Shirak region.



  1. Hiking Armenia’s Mountains and Rural Villages

Duration: 3-day tour; cost USD50

Duration: 2-day tour; cost USD250

This tour is for hiking enthusiasts. Enjoy exploring scenic mountains and discovering remote historic sites surrounded by natural beauty. Spend nights in rural villages for a traditional Armenian experience. This includes a master class in clay (ceramics), a tradition famous during medieval times.


  1. Medieval Architecture of Armenia

Duration: 4-day tour; cost USD50

Duration; 2-day tour; cost USD250

Much of Armenia’s historic architecture was built during the medieval period. Visit monasteries, as well as a basilica, hermitage, fortress and more. Also explore a 10th century caravanserai built along the Silk Route.


All costs are per person

To further customize a tour, contact AiP.

Optional Tour with Armen