Preserving Poetry, One Home at a Time

April is National Poetry Month!

We therefore decided to look to our poetic roots. And by that we really mean our poets’ roots. Many artists have been inspired by their homes and, if nothing else, were subconsciously affected by the places they lived before and while writing. Here we have a sampling of homes of famous poets. Fans of poets, and historic architecture,  can visit the birthplaces of poets the world round. If you feel inspired, perhaps you can share with us the home of one of your favorite poets… or a poet who lived near you.

Shakespeare’s Birthplace, Stratford upon Avon

William Shakespeare spent many years of his life living in this aged Tudor home. It has definitely seen many years but it has seen many visitors, too. Think we’re getting ahead of ourselves to choose William Shakespeare as our British representative? The visitors to Shakespeare’s birthplace include Charles DickensJohn KeatsWalter Scott, and Thomas Hardy.

Emily Dickinson’s home, referred to as “the Homestead,” was probably the first brick house in Amherst, Massachusetts. It was built in 1813. Emily Dickinson grew up here and lived here for her adult life, as well. The house, now part of the Emily Dickinson Museum, is undergoing restoration to look as it did to Emily Dickinson, herself. Even the hemlock hedge has been restored. (Emily Dickinson was often inspired by the landscape around her home; View from Federal Twist has a nice post about it).

Happy Poetry Month!