Camilla the Castle Caretaker

Some little girls dream of living in a castle; Camilla Løntoft Nybye dreamed of conserving them, and her dream has now come true.

Camilla is a young and well-established conservation architect in Denmark who just received a remarkable acknowledgement of her talents. She has been named the Royal Building Inspector and will have the task and opportunity to work on several of Denmark’s royal palaces. Ms. Nybye is the youngest person to be named to this post and one of few women.

Camilla Løntoft Nybye and her brother in Gjirokastra

Camilla shows her brother, a journalist, the Gjirokastra she loves and shares her hopes for saving its historic architecture.

Camilla has a degree from the Aarhus School of Architecture and a Masters of Science in Architectural Conservation from Edinburgh University. She is currently Associate Partner in the architectural firm of Rønnow Arkitekter A/S.

If your dream is to be able to work with building conservation professionals like Camilla, join a team of AiP volunteers at one of our projects! To meet Camilla in person, volunteer with AiP in Gjirokastra, Albania, where Camilla serves as consulting architect at the Skenduli house. She has donated many hours of her time assessing this remarkable stone tower house, and spent many more hours exploring the winding streets and paths of the historic town to gain a clear picture of the city and its architecture.

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Streets in Timişoara are lined with tall apartments, heavily ornamented facades and colorful bricks. Those that have been restored are truly breathtaking. Photo: Maya Strasser

This post by Maya Strasser so perfectly captures a historic journey it’s worth sharing, plus I love the point about the buildings of Eastern Europe. In fact I did a double take at the photo of Streets in Timişoara because it looked so much like square in Zagreb, Croatia where I used to live, right down to the benches!