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Gloucester, Virginia USA – August 2012

Edge Hill Texaco volunteer restoration project“Fantastic – absolutely fantastic!” That was the response from Dave Brown, our partner at The Fairfield Foundation, when asked how plastering at Edge Hill was progressing. Dave and a group of volunteers had reason to be excited as they re-plastered the interior of the 1930 Edge Hill Texaco station, using plaster and supplies donated by Master of Plaster Finishing Systems, Inc.

Thanks to the flurry of activity during the last week of August, the on-going restoration efforts at the Texaco station are building momentum. This was the second year that volunteers gave a week of their time to help transform the historic gas station into a preservation resource center for the Gloucester community. Thane Harpole and Dave Brown, who have been the driving force behind the project, enthusiastically described the week and called it an adventure in plastering.

Edge Hill Service Station Gloucester Virginia restoration project Fairfield FoundationUnder the tutelage of Gus Rhodes (GSR Drywall), the workshop crew and dedicated volunteers took on a number of plaster-related tasks. The goal for the week was to repair interior wall damage and recoat walls with plaster.

In the west back room, we trimmed, scraped, and cleaned old layers of paint and metal lathe before covering the north wall with plaster board and skimming coats of plaster on top to finish it off.  Along the entire west wall and in the center back room of the station, we continued the process of scraping old paint, trimming and patching metal lathe, and covering the necessary areas with – you guessed it – more coats of plaster.

In addition to patching various holes in the old plaster throughout the garage bays and two back rooms, we accomplished the significant task of filling in the two large square holes between the center garage bay and the future “office” area.

The week went quickly as we all learned a lot about different types of plaster repair, and were able to put our new skills to work helping the station look better than ever before!

Dave was as enthusiatic about the project at the end of the week as he had been that first day: “We had a fantastic time and made great progress on four different rooms in the station.  Even better, it was the catalyst for other points of progress – from the repair of some of the iron window and garage door tracks, to the continued work on the exterior light fixtures.”

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