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Meet a Volunteer historic bridge restoration volunteer
Diana Barbera-Horwitz
So pleased with the results of one workshop, she just had to try another, Diana credits:
The people, the people, the people -- the team effort was exceptional.
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AiP’s Jammers

Adventures in Preservation is about saving buildings, but it’s also about the people involved in their preservation. People willing to devote time and energy to preserving a building deserve to be more than mere “participants”, or “volunteers”. We needed a special name for our adventurous, hard-working travelers.

When AiP was testing the name Adventures in Preservation, we realized the word “preservation” has a number of connotations, especially to people outside the field of historic preservation. For one panelist, preservation invoked plastic surgery; to another, jams and jelly, i.e. preserves.

Ivan playing bass at at party for our preservation volunteers

While brainstorming about the perfect term to capture the essence of what AiP’s intrepid preservation volunteers do, the “travel, preserve, conserve” combo once again evoked jam. From there, it was a quick leap to “jammers”.

The term jammers adds an element of fun, which is most definitely a key ingredient of each hands-on preservation session. It also reflects the concept of working together and creating something wonderful, like musicians during a jam session. Thus the name jammers was born. We hope the concept sticks (!) and you’ll soon be jammin’ with us.

Meet some of the people who have jammed with us – click on the various “Meet A Volunteer” profiles you’ll find within our site and meet some of the people who travel and volunteer with AiP.

Find a project that will get your feet tapping and come jam with us.