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Meet a Volunteer historic bridge restoration volunteer
Diana Barbera-Horwitz
So pleased with the results of one workshop, she just had to try another, Diana credits:
The people, the people, the people -- the team effort was exceptional.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Joining An Adventure In Preservation?
Join AiP for your next holiday and –

  • Learn a new hands-on preservation skill
  • Experience a new culture or even a new location within your own country
  • Work and explore with a fun, adventurous team
  • Know you’ve played a role in saving a historic building
  • Give back to your own community by volunteering
  • Try something new in a no-stress environment
  • Discover the positive difference you can make in one week!

What Experience Do I Need?
No experience is necessary to participate in most AiP projects. Novice to professional – AiP projects accommodate all levels of experience. A technical expert leads the work, and not only guides volunteers, but teaches specific building conservation skills needed for the project.

If you need help choosing a project, contact us for help! We want to ensure that your adventure with AiP is the best possible experience.

Can Anyone Participate?
As mentioned above, no experience is necessary to join an AiP project. In most cases, you do need to be over 18 years of age, unless an exception is made by AiP staff and we receive a special waiver completed by your parent or guardian. Some projects are designated as family adventures, with young adults and parents (or grandparents!) volunteering and learning together. Check with AiP if you are under 18 years of age and would like to join one of our projects.

It is expected that those registering will be in generally good health, but don’t hesitate to register if you have some restriction as each person is only expected to participate to the level of his or her ability.

What Does My Fee Cover?

  • Double occupancy lodging
  • Most meals (any exceptions will be noted in the project description)
  • Instruction from technical expert
  • Excursions, including transportation and entrance fees

Your fee also helps to cover volunteer coordination, program development and implementation, country manager expenses, and community member recruitment. All are vital to the success of each project. Less than 10% of your program fee goes toward overhead and administration.

What Am I Responsible For?

  • Travel costs to and from the project location
  • Visas and passports if required – please be aware that the visa application process may be lengthy, taking up to 6 months
  • Travel health insurance, including emergency evacuation
  • Trip cancellation insurance is strongly encouraged in addition to travel insurance

Why Do I Pay To Volunteer?
AiP and the local organizations we partner with have limited resources and are seldom able to subsidize your trip or cover the costs of hosting you. In some instances, grants provide funding that allows AiP to offer scholarships.

AiP is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt corporation under the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. The majority of your program fee is tax-deductible (for U.S. tax payers), as are other expenses related to your AiP volunteer work such as your airfare, trip cancellation insurance, and other such expenses. Check with a tax consultant or the IRS to determine the exact amount that is deductible.

Do You Offer Any Discounts?
Yes! Members of the Passionate Preservation Program, our returning volunteers, receive 10% off the full tour price. Students are eligible for discounts on certain projects. Check each project description for specifics. See our Loyalty Program page for details. Groups of 4 or more may receive special discounted rates.

How Do I Get To The Project Site?
Travel costs to the project site are not included in the fees and are the responsibility of the participant. If you would like assistance with travel arrangements, contact Peace Frogs Travel/Outfitters, AiP’s partnering travel agency.

What Type of Lodging Will I Have?
Lodging is usually at a Bed & Breakfast or small local hotel. As an organization, AiP supports sustainable tourism initiatives and therefore prefers to house volunteers in facilities which have similar goals.

Sounds Great! How Do I Sign Up?
REGISTER online – start the registration process by clicking a Join this Adventure button anywhere on our website. Be sure to register early as project space is limited.
PAYMENT is due in-full no later than 30 days prior to the start of the project. A non-refundable deposit equal to 50% of the project fee must be paid at the time of registration to reserve a place at the project. This deposit may be transferred to another project if the registrant must cancel.
CANCELLATIONS that occur more than 30 days prior to the start of the project will result in a refund of 50% of the project fee; the deposit is non-refundable. The deposit may be applied to another project if cancellation is more than 60 days prior to project start. No reimbursement is possible if cancellation occurs after this date or during the project. We strongly recommend the purchase of trip cancellation insurance.

How Do I Send Payment?
AiP trip fees may be paid by credit card via PayPal during the online registration process.  If you prefer to pay by check, money order or bank transfer, contact us.

What Happens During A Project?
Your AiP experience is more than an ordinary vacation – it’s an adventure. Each project is unique but all have a similar structure. Your week begins with a get-together on the day you arrive. This is your first chance to meet the other intrepid travelers you will be working and touring with. This is followed by a site orientation and a description of what the project entails.

After breakfast, the actual work starts with a demonstration of the particular skills needed to begin the conservation work. As work progresses, there are usually several activities underway, and you may choose depending on your interests and abilities. Cooperation and the exchange of ideas keep the day lively. Work generally takes place Monday through Friday with time taken out for a half- or full-day excursions to tour cultural sites in the area. If you attend for two weeks, the weekend is also available for sightseeing.

As anyone who has worked on historic buildings has discovered, surprises are to be expected. The building’s secrets, uncovered during the course of work, often provide interesting discoveries and may alter the planned schedule of work. The agenda sent to team members will very likely see some changes.

Loved My Trip – How Else Can I Help?
AiP and our non-profit partner at each project would love your support. If you would like to make an additional donation to the project, visit our Make a Donation page.

We also appreciate volunteer involvement outside of actual projects and often have internships and volunteer opportunities available. Contact us if you would like to be involved on a regular basis to discuss ways you can help, and check out our Internships.

What Else Should I Know?
AiP can customize a project for your group. Our adventures are a great option for your company’s team building experience. A family reunion is an excellent excuse for an adventure in preservation! Just send us the details outlining your needs. All projects provide an opportunity for networking, sharing ideas and broadening your perspective, so join us for a rewarding experience saving architectural heritage around the world.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.