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Meet a Volunteer
Debra Adamcik
A veteran of AiP workshops in Mexico, Italy and Albania, Debra says:
AiP is the perfect way to...see what our smile and our own hands can accomplish.
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Developing Preservation Projects


As anyone working with historic building conservation knows, preservation can be a long process. AiP often spends two or three years working with project partners to lay the groundwork for our hands-on preservation sessions and get ready to welcome you, the jammers. Building your support and securing funding are the most critical, while we also foster community involvement and prepare the project site.

Here are projects we are working on and hope to offer them to you soon.


AiP began our efforts in Gyumri, Armenia in 2011. We have a long and valued relationship with our onsite partner, Armena Hovsepyan, and continue to support his critically needed projects. With our current level of funding, AiP jammers have helped with documentation of damaged historic buildings and conservation of original doors and windows at the Mariam and Yeranuhi Aslamazyan Gallery.

Although our work has received accolades from local officials and gained attention at the national level, we continue to strive to make a greater impact on the extensive needs of Gyumri and surrounding rural communities. The focus must be on creating jobs that provide a sustainable income.

Our goal is to find funding that allows us to set up a summer field school providing hands-on experience for university students. Project objectives include:

  • Preserve and renovate damaged historic houses for use as B&Bs
  • Provide sustainable incomes for project beneficiaries through heritage tourism
  • Create successful business stories to serve as a model for other residents

The field school curriculum will include:

  • Structural engineering
  • Building conservation
  • Interior design
  • Tourism development
  • City planning

And more as the need arises.

Contact AiP with any creative ideas you would like to share about funding or about involving your university. Gyumri’s economy continues to struggle as residents leave by the hundreds due to lack of any source of income. The time to act is now!


We are sad to report that AiP’s project under development in Ghana has been cancelled. Local interests have decided to allow developers to begin their project on the site immediately. This eliminates the option to first carry out archaeology + preservation.

AiP is disappointed that we won’t be able to uncover and save remnants of Ghana’s past. Our local partner, Sam Baddoo, is once again searching for a site that needs assistance from AiP and our jammers. You’ll be the first to know if we find something.