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January 2010

Explore New York's History with AiP

The Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum, Bronx, New York, USAThe New York City region is a most historic place, from its political origins to its role in America's recent history. AiP is featuring two projects in the region in 2010 that will acquaint you with New York’s history while you help preserve it for the future. AiP volunteers will be tackling the third quadrant of the Terrace Garden at the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum in The Bronx during the workshop planned for the week of August 2. The Pell property dates from a 1654 treaty with the Siwanoy Indians and a 1666 land grant to the Manor of Pelham by the first English Governor of New York, Richard Nicholls. The current house and carriage house were built circa 1842.

The Van Norden carriage house at the Jay Heritage CenterNot too far away, the Jay Heritage Center in Rye, New York, preserves 23 acres of the original estate belonging to the family of New York State’s only native Founding Father, John Jay (1745-1829), who was also America's first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Significant features within its grounds include the 8000-year-old scenic vista of Long Island Sound over a meadow bordered by sunken stone ha-ha walls, the 1838 Greek Revival masterpiece built by Peter Augustus Jay, and the relatively new 1907 Van Norden Carriage house. The classical revival gem is the focus of AiP's workshop, scheduled for August 9-12.

These sites' proximity to a major metropolitan area makes it not only more remarkable that they have been preserved for future generations but also provides for a very convenient "staycation" option for people in the area. What could be better than traveling back in time each day and contributing to the preservation of these two National Historic Landmark properties? Sign up today!

Calling Lovers of Old Buildings

Ripping out rotted porch flooring in Cairo, IllinoisYou know who you are! If you also happen to be among the thousands of people who told pollsters they are planning on taking a volunteer vacation in 2010, an AiP workshop would be perfect for you. The choices range wildly from historic shotguns houses in America's heartland to a storybook cottage set in the Slovenian countryside. Our projects do more than restore historic buildings - they promote historic preservation as a powerful tool for change, creating jobs and sustainable communities.

2010 US/ICOMOS International Exchange Program

US/ICOMOS 2009 intern in IrelandThe US/ICOMOS international exchange program provides unparalleled opportunities for preservationists early in their careers to gain hands-on experience in a country other than their own. Since its creation in 1984, more than 600 young preservation professionals and over 70 countries have participated. The aim of the program is to promote an understanding of international preservation policies, methods, and techniques and to enable interns to make professional contacts and form personal friendships that will ensure a continuing dialogue between countries.

The program is geared toward those nearing the end of graduate school or with 1-3 years of professional experience. Placements are made by matching the skills/experience of each applicant with the needs of each host organization. Applications from prospective interns are due January 29, 2010. Application procedures can be found at

US/ICOMOS is always looking for preservation organizations, such as non-profits, government agencies, and private firms, who are potentially interested in hosting a US/ICOMOS intern, whether in the United States or overseas. Learn more at

Conference Calendar

International Symposium on Heritage Recording and Information Management in the Digital Age (SMARTDoc Heritage) - March 26-27, 2010 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Good decisions in heritage conservation are based on timely, relevant and accurate information about the conditions, materials and evolution of heritage buildings and landscapes. Documenting, recording and analyzing heritage places are therefore an essential part of their conservation and management.

The rapid rise in new digital technologies has revolutionized the practice of recording the built heritage. Digital tools and media offer a myriad of new opportunities for collecting, analyzing and disseminating information about heritage sites. Issues regarding the proper, innovative and research-focused uses of digital media in heritage conservation are an urgent topic in the global heritage conservation field.

The SMARTdoc symposium offer a unique opportunity for educators, professionals, heritage institutions, and managers of heritage places to share, exchange, and explore new approaches, best practices, and research results in the area of heritage informatics. For more information, see

Enchanted Landscapes: Exploring Cultural Traditions and Values - April 21–24, 2010 - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Annual meeting of the Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation presents an opportunity to explore regional landscapes and hear from local landscape experts, as well as students and faculty from the University of New Mexico School of Architecture and Planning.

Regional tours will feature Los Poblanos, an abandoned segment of Route 66, the La Bajada acequia, and Acoma Pueblo. For information, see

Upcoming Workshops

Saving Shotguns: Building a Better Future, Cairo, Illinois

Saving the Best of the West, Nevada City, Montana

City Center Recovery & Conservation, Gyumri, Armenia

Galleting Galore in the Garden, Bronx, New York

Caring for the Carriage House, Rye, New York

Cottage Industry: Saving Slovenia's Architectural and Ethnological Heritage

Keeping Tower Houses from Crumbling, Gjirokastra, Albania

AiP in the News

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