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Meet a Volunteer historic bridge restoration volunteer
Diana Barbera-Horwitz
So pleased with the results of one workshop, she just had to try another, Diana credits:
The people, the people, the people -- the team effort was exceptional.
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Volunteers’ Reviews

What People are Saying about AiP’s Innovative Programming and the Change Powered by Preservation

“This experience was the top. My main interest is in preservation so it is tricky to find volunteer vacations that take into account, to my knowledge AiP is the only one that does. … For me, it is very important if I am to do some strenuous work that I have someplace comfortable to go back to aka a hotel as opposed to a tent so that is where AiP separates itself from the rest.” Caroline Dudkowski – Archaeology and Preservation at Fairfield Plantation, Gloucester, Virginia, 2016

“I cannot begin to tell you how awesome it was to dig with Dave and Thane. They are so knowledgeable and I learned so much during the week. Even more than that, as a mom I was just so impressed with how they were able to engage my daughter. We have three children and Sammy will be the first to admit she doesn’t always feel comfortable trying new things. She is now an archaeologist!!! She found her passion and it was so awesome to witness…We will be doing a AiP project next summer….we can’t wait!!!” Angie Ryder – Archaeology and Preservation at Fairfield Plantation, Gloucester, Virginia, 2016

“I like the field trips and getting to know the local area – I think it definitely puts the project in perspective. I just had a really good time – Thane and Dave are great teachers with a lot of experience with volunteers and students which definitely gives them an edge.” Caroline Dudkowski – Archaeology and Preservation at Fairfield Plantation, Gloucester, Virginia, 2016

“David and Thane did an outstanding job of teaching us and letting us DO! They shared their knowledge of archaeology and Fairfield plantation without talking too much. They also did a great job of making us feel important and not like lame newbies.” Calley – Archaeology and Preservation at Fairfield Plantation, Gloucester, Virginia, 2015

“While my primary interest is preservation and not archaeology, I was given opportunities to work on tasks more closely related to preservation. This was as simple as being able to map fallen wall sections, but it helped to allow me to see the connections between archaeology and preservation.” Victoria – Archaeology and Preservation at Fairfield Plantation, Gloucester, Virginia, 2015

“I think the fact that AiP has been to Gjyrokastra for some time now and the local are accustomed to seeing volunteers they almost embrace you as a part of the community.  I am not good remembering names…especially when they are not easy ones and I was on first-name bases with most of the locals I saw daily in the community. I loved this part.” Sue Robinson, Heritage Conservation in Gjirokastra, Albania 2015

“This project was a wonderful introduction to archaeology and historic preservation. I work as the chairperson of an online university history program and will be strongly recommending the workshop to our students.” Damon Freeman – Archaeology and Preservation at Fairfield Plantation, Gloucester, Virginia, 2015

“By being part of a project I learnt so much more about the local culture and met people I would never have met as a tourist.” Jennifer O’Connell – Skenduli House Project, Gjirokastra, Albania 2014

“I had such a great time learning about the history of Virginia and getting hands on experience. It was something I will always remember and talk about with others as often as I can.” Lauren Manning – Archaeology and Preservation at Fairfield Plantation, Gloucester, Virginia, 2014

“My favorite part of the program was learning something new and experiencing the beauty of Gjirokastra.” Alicia Yoder – Skenduli House Project, Gjirokastra, Albania, 2014

“It was a great experience to be working on a historic resource (on the World Heritage list), after learning the details of its construction in the morning [lecture].” Nicolas Miquelon,Québec – Kulle House Conservation, Gjirokastra, Albania 2010

“We truly appreciate the good work that your [nonprofit] accomplishes and it’s truly inspirational. I feel corny saying that, but it’s true.” David A. Brown – Fairfield Foundation, Gloucester County, Virginia 2010

“I had a strong feeling of accomplishment; the fruits of our labor were visible and dramatic. I was also grateful that the work was so hands-on, and despite our lack of experience, none of us volunteers were coddled or underworked.” Axel Tifft ,New York City – Masonry Galleting, Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum, Bronx, USA, 2009

“Working in a truly bucolic setting with like-minded volunteers on a valuable preservation project was a tremendously valuable experience … and great fun, too! Together we learned the craft and skills of masonry restoration, and … together we celebrated the fruits of our labor and the realization that we helped to restore an important piece of the past for the future. … I would return to continue our work at a moment’s notice.” Stephen Parnes, Educator, Connecticut – Masonry Galleting, Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum, Bronx, USA, 2009

“I work in an architecture firm that specializes in historic preservation, so it was great to have a chance to be on the other end and implement the techniques used in preservation. … It was great to work and learn from people with different backgrounds, but shared a common goal.” Jobi Hill, New York City – Shotgun House Restoration Project, Cairo, Illinois, USA, 2009

“I do want to say thank you on behalf of all of the citizens of Cairo. … I thank all of you for caring for my city the same way that I do.” Zachariah Green – AmeriCorps*Vista, Alexander County ACTION Coordinator Shotgun House Restoration Project, Cairo, Illinois, USA, 2009

“Being able to participate throughout the whole process of restoring the façade, from determining which mix of mortar to use to aging and blending it with the existing one was great. Also, learning about the history of the house while seeing evidence on it is amazing and has made me appreciate the craftsmen & tradespeople involved in creating & preserving a house.” Anya Gonzalez, Masonry Trainee, Puerto Rico – Façade Repointing at Speaker’s House, Trappe, Pennsylvania, USA, 2009

“[I liked] that I got to do a little bit of everything and was able to ask questions about anything… Andy was a great help with showing me how and WHY we are doing what we are doing.” Phil Clark, Masonry Trainee, USA -Façade Repointing at Speaker’s House, Trappe, Pennsylvania, USA, 2009

“You don’t know how much fun I had (we had) taking part in this project. Andy was a knowledgeable and enthusiastic leader, and the team was just as excited to be there and do a good job. I think it shows with the end result.” Hänsel Hernandez, Architectural Conservator, New York City – Masonry Galleting, Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum, Bronx, USA, 2008

“Through this experience, I was rewarded in the sense that I met so many learned and patient people who just seemed so happy to show their knowledge and passion in renovation and preservation. I hope to do it again next year, it’s not just an experience of work, but it’s also – and the most part of it – an experience of life, of discovering a country and its culture.” Isabelle Ladrat, France – Masonry Galleting, Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum, Bronx, USA, 2008

“Alma Ortolan and her assistant Chiara Piccin were professional, well-informed and delightful. The fresco painting workshops, the conservation survey of the cloister, and the local history and food were presented in an enjoyable and highly educational manner. I loved it all and appreciate AiP for making it happen!” Diana Barbera-Horwitz, Art Conservator / Business Owner – Conservation Survey in the Monastery of San Giovanni Battista, Serravalle, Italy, 2007

“On a scale of 0-10, I give the adventure a 14!” Hal Stanford, Oceanographer – Adobe Conservation, Mexico 2006

“It has been a wonderful year [working] with you and AiP. I have gained so much insight into the importance of conservation and I now tell our story in this part of the world with confidence remembering that more people now understand why we should not destroy the past.” Sam Baddoo, Tour Company Owner – Masonry Conservation, Ghana, 2006

“The very good atmosphere, the feeling our work was so appreciated, and the voluntary aspect: I am glad we helped their project. It was so inspiring to meet such dedicated, passionate people.”Ruth Goris, Art Conservator, Netherlands – Decorative Stucco Conservation, Oplotnica, Slovenia, 2006

“The last group that came was just as good, just as nice, just as wonderful as the other group that came. I am just so impressed with the type of people that volunteer for your organization. They are just fantastic. I am appreciative of everything you’ve done.” Stacy Rockwood, Retired School Principal, New Orleans -Homeowner at Site for Two Workshops, Hurricane Katrina Clean-Up, New Orleans, 2006

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop; (the owners) inspired all of us to put in our best effort. They are some of New Orleans’ greatest treasures.” Mark Lorusso, Architectural Historian/Archaeologist -Hurricane Katrina Clean-Up, New Orleans, 2006

“Working on Sam’s house was its own reward – I consider it a privilege to have had the opportunity to work with him.” Mimmi Mathis, Television Executive – Hurricane Katrina Clean-Up, New Orleans, 2006

“AiP’s ability to quickly organize, problem solve … and bring people together to accomplish heritage preservation was invaluable in our effort.” Steve Burns, US National Park Service, Trail of Tears – James Brown House, Ooltewah, Tennessee USA, 2006

“Andy de Gruchy was fantastic; he shared his knowledge and also kept us focused so that we got the job done.” Michael Kramer, Engineer – Masonry Conservation, Weisel Bridge, Bucks County, Pennsylvania USA, 2006

“Perhaps the most valuable aspect of it was just being present to observe the damage and listen to people’s stories. It was clear that the help we were giving went beyond physical reconstruction.”Laura Kaplan , Art Conservator – Hurricane Katrina Clean-Up, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, 2006

“I really liked that it was hands-on and I felt I walked away with a skill I didn’t have before. Instead of just watching people do it, I was able to do it myself.” Mary Stachowiak, Historic Preservation Graduate Student – Francis Mill Restoration, Waynesville, North Carolina, 2005

“Jimmy (Price) was a fabulous instructor! He went beyond just the how-to. He knows the science and history behind the material.” Kelli Gantt, Historic Preservation Specialist, Georgia – Horsehair Plaster, Orange Hall, St. Marys, Georgia 2005

“I like the hands-on aspect and seeing the results of the work. It’s preservation in action.” Mark Slater, National Park Service Historical Architect – Francis Mill Restoration, Waynesville, North Carolina, 2004

“The restoration team … was great and I have no reservations about joining this team or others on future projects.” Tom Floechinger, Executive, Texas – Francis Mill Restoration, Waynesville, North Carolina, 2004

“It was a slice of paradise to work with everyone involved with this project! It offered a wonderful and rare opportunity to work on a virtually intact mill. I’ll be back next year.” Ken Walton, Carpenter – Francis Mill Restoration, Waynesville, North Carolina, 2004

“I had a truly fantastic time and never wanted it to end.” Anne Hurst, English Instructor – Stone & Tile Conservation, Sicily, 2003

“I really enjoyed my “working vacation” and … I’d definitely like to attend another workshop in the future.” Mark Slater, Historic Architect, Cuyahoga Valley National Park – Stone Conservation, Asbury Grist Mill,New Jersey, 2003

“Pat Taylor was an excellent instructor and a person who believes in his work, and is happy to show and teach others.” Gregg Kleppinger, US National Park Service – Adobe & Lime Plaster Conservation, New Mexico, 2003

“Workshops developed by Adventures in Preservation provide an excellent opportunity for students to learn first hand about the issues involved in historic architecture and materials. Time spent under the tutelage of personnel assembled by AiP … provides a level of education not available in a conventional classroom.” Workshop Participant – Adobe Conservation, New Mexico, 2002